Fast Eddie Sound - P A Systems for All Occasions
The Kudos:
Here's what the happy customers have to say:
With Ed Young sound engineering Tatter, Tucker and Moog at The Old Mansion House, we rocked.  He got who we are and how we wanted to sound so quickly, it was as if he'd been working with us for years.  As a musician with the technical skill to make it happen, he stays with it, keeps listening and keeps working to fine-tune what he hears.  Given his personal and professional standards of quality, I'm confident about using and recommending his services.
--Carol Moog
"As someone who has performed at numerous outdoor events, it surprised me how full and clear we sounded on stage, which for me, is a key part to putting on a good performance.  Also, and most importantly, we heard nothing but positive responses from the audience in regards to how we sounded in the crowd.  Aside from the fact that Ed was professional and knew what he was doing, he was a really nice guy.  We would look forward to working with him again."   --Dan Gallagher of CROW vs LION
"We've worked with Ed Young a few times and it has always been nothing but a pleasure. He's a very nice, easy-going and professional guy who knows how to get things sounding great and keep them that way. I highly recommend working with Fast Eddie Sound if you need sound reinforcement for your next show, party or meeting. You won't be disappointed!"
--John Baker of Life Slides Down
We were one of Eddies 1st regular clients and he has been a mainstay with us since. From large rooms to outside venues to small intimate places where the sound is sometimes more important, Eddie is tapped into your needs and knows how to accomplish his goal of providing us with the best sound possible. The rates have always been under others we have used without any drop in service. If you need sound, Eddie knows how to listen...
--Daddy Says So
The Clients:
Fast Eddie has run sound for these bands (partial list):
Crow Vs. Lion
Daddy Says So
Dan Collins
Dan Kaufman Band
Ellis Reed
Heirloom Projector
Legendary Sinners
Life Slides Down
Marty Fahy
Nick Ludovico & the Greyjacks
Oud Blues
Parsnip Revolt
Reckless Abandon
Second Hand Musicians
Tattar, Tucker, & Moog
This Dog can Dance
Union Street Blues
The Events:
Fast Eddie has run sound for these events and venues (partial list):
Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" Charity Challenge (Green Lane Park)
Old Mansion House (Conshohocken)
River City Festival (@ Penn Treaty Park, Fishtown Neighbors Assn)
Summer Jam @ the Steve (Stevenson's Place, Harbison & Comly)
Sunset Sundays (Sponsored by Dave Kim, organized by Nick Ludovico)
Tailgators (Clifton Heights)
Wharf Tavern (Aston)
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